The Robinson Garden at Earlscliffe, Baily, Co. Dublin, Ireland

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Photos taken at Earlscliffe around 1930

The names and descriptions below are from Margery Stratton. Margery's father was Sir John Lumsden's son, John Fitzhardinge Lumsden who was born June 11, 1897. Margery was born and brought up in the US, but came to stay at Earlscliffe in 1935.

Set two


John is in the center - in St. John uniforms. Lumsden House may have a picture in their files. He was in charge from the beginning to 1944.


Betty and Norah Lumsden


On the path from the driveway down toward the sea, Nancy, a friend, Betty, Sir John and Norah


On steps beside the small hut (changing room?) Nancy, Norah and Margery. Below on path Betty and friend


Only two Lumsdens here: Norah center front and Margery behind Norah's left shoulder, swathed in towels. After a swim in Jameson's pool - by the sea? 


Sir John alone by the small hut


Steps from driveway, L- R Margery, friend, Nancy and Norah on the wall by the steps


I do not know any of the men. Margery is on the grass in the center.  Second row, Granny is third from left, then Edith Boxwell, then Betty and two women.


Granny's cocker spaniel?  Although it looks to be larger than the ones she had in 1935.

Sorry I don't know many of the men.  At this point I think that only Leslie and Nancy were married.  Leslie lived in Chesham Bois, Bucks. but Nancy lived at Alensgrove, Leixlip near Maynooth.

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