The Robinson Garden at Earlscliffe, Baily, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Weather conditions at Earlscliffe

The following data is taken from the weather station located on the roof of Earlscliffe house. The station automatically collects temperature, humidity, wind, rain and barometric data and feeds it directly to this web page.

The original weather station was installed in November 2008. However, the salty air and the exposed situation meant that many parts of the station had become broken over time. Also, we were occasionally getting spurious readings (probably due to a faulty transmitter).

So, after much debate, in December 2013, the weather station was replaced with an exact replica!

The station does occasionally suffer from 'spideritis' when a little arachnid crawls into the rain collector and spins a web. Every so often I have to go up on the roof and re-house the little blighter! 

Please note, the rain gauge was also out of order for some time. However, a new one has been fitted on the 3rd. Oct 2017.

You can also check the weather on your iPhone or Android phone here.

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Weather station details

The weather station is a radio controlled Watson W-8681. It is located at Latitude: 53.3652 Longitude: -6.0716. The software used to extract the data and load it up to the web page is Weather Display Version 10.37S build 57.

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Current Weather Conditions in Earlscliffe, Baily, Howth, Co. Dublin, Ireland