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History of Earlscliffe House

Although the recorded history of the gardens only goes back to the 1930s, the location and gardens at Earlscliffe have been enchanting people for over 150 years.

The following pages tell the story of the residents of the house and gardens at Earlscliffe from the 1840s up to the present day. Each section includes scrollable timelines related to Earlscliffe residents, showing births, marriages, deaths and major events in their lives and in their home and working environments. 

To learn more about the history of the Robinson Garden at Earlscliffe, read the following page:

Disclaimer. Parts of the data found in these history pages has been derived from sources currently available on the internet. In researching the previous owners of Earlscliffe, certain assumptions have been made as to the validity of this internet data. If you believe that some of this data is inaccurate, please contact  .

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