Location of the Robinson Garden at Earlscliffe


The following map shows directions to the gate of Earlscliffe on Ceanchor Road*, Baily, Howth, Co. Dublin. Please use the entrance on Ceanchor Road and not any alleged entrance on Carrickbrack Road (as erroneously shown on Google Maps and OpenStreetMaps).

* Note that, like the spellings of Earlscliffe and Earlscliff, Ceanchor Road can also be spelled as Ceannchor Road. In fact the two street signs at the end of the road are each spelled differently in both English and Irish!

Ceanchor RoadCeannchor Road

By coach or car

The garden is located 15.8 km NE of Dublin City centre on the Howth peninsula. Travelling by car or coach from the city centre, travel along the Dublin Road towards Howth. At Sutton Cross, turn right into Greenfield Road (R105) and continue into Carrickbrack Road (L86). One km past the entrance to Howth Golf Club (signed on left hand side of road), turn right into Ceanchor Road. The Robinson Garden at Earlscliffe is at the end of Ceanchor Road on the left hand side (white pillars with black gates marked 'Earlscliff').

Ceanchor Road is a cul-de-sac and it is not possible for coaches to turn at the end of the road. Coaches should turn at the point where a side road branches off to the right about 140 metres from the start of Ceanchor Road. Visitors should alight at this junction.

By train

Travel by Dart to Sutton station on the Howth line. The Robinson Garden at Earlscliffe is a 30 to 40 minute walk from Sutton station.

Alternatively, alight the train at Howth and get a 31 bus to Howth Summit and then a 15 minute walk down the hill (Carrickbrack Road) to Earlscliffe in the direction of Sutton. If you alight the train at Howth Station and are lucky enough to get a 31a or a 31b bus outside the station, this bus will take you to Ceanchor Road. However, as discussed below, these two bus services are infrequent.

Click here for a map showing where the nearest train stations are.

By bus

Earlscliffe can be reached by the infrequent 31B or 31A  Dublin Bus service from Talbot Street in the city centre (get off at Carrickbrack Road) or by the more regular 31 bus from Talbot Street to Howth Summit and a 15 minute walk down the hill (Carrickbrack Road) in the direction of Sutton.

Click here for a map showing where Howth Summit is in relation to Earlscliffe.


For environmental information about Earlscliffe, click here.


Please note. The garden is not currently open to the public and there will be no formal garden tours around Earlscliffe for the foreseeable future. For more details, contact

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