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Earlscliffe Residents 1949 to 1950

The next person to own Earlscliffe was Lily Margaret Graham Gough.

Lily Margaret Graham Gough

Family History

Parry / Gregory / Gough Family Tree
Parry / Gregory / Gough family tree
Watercolour by Lily Margaret Gregory
Watercolour by Lily Margaret Gregory

Lily Margaret Graham Parry was the daughter of Graham Parry from Cheltenham, England and later of Cobham, Virginia, USA. [1]

She was born on Dec 10th 1884 in Cheltenham. She studied at the Slade School of Art in London (one of her water colours is shown on the right). It was at Slade that she met Robert Gregory.

Marriage to Robert Gregory

Robert was the only son of Lady Isabella Augusta Gregory of Coole Park, near Gort, County Galway.

Lady Gregory was a well-known dramatist and writer on Irish folklore. With William Butler Yeats and Edward Martyn, Lady Gregory had co-founded the Irish Literary Theatre and the Abbey Theatre in Dublin. [2]

Lily Margaret (Margaret) married Robert Gregory on Sept 26 1907 in Paddington, London and they had three children.

As a wedding gift, Lady Gregory gave Robert a house in the Burren, Co. Clare called Mount Vernon.[3] Margaret and Robert used to spend their summers at Mount Vernon, often with Bohemian Artist friends. Their children chose to summer with their grandmother. Lady Gregory, at Coole Park, Gort, County Galway.[4]

Robert Gregory was also an accomplished artist and a renowned Irish Cricketer [5] and served with the Connaught Rangers and as a pilot with the Royal Flying Corps in the first World War. He was awarded the Military Cross and the Legion of Honour for "many acts of conspicuous bravery". [6]

Unfortunately he was shot down on January 23rd 1918 over Padua, Italy, allegedly by 'friendly fire'.

This event inspired Yeats's poems "An Irish Airman Foresees His Death," "In Memory of Major Robert Gregory," and "Shepherd and Goatherd" and "Reprisals".[7] [8]

After Robert's death, Margaret didn't marry again for many years but remained in Gort.

Ballyturin Ambush

On May 15th 1921 Margaret was the sole survivor of the Ballyturin Ambush in Gort where the local IRA killed four people.

On that Sunday afternoon, Margaret was travelling with Captain Blake, the District Inspector of Gort, and Mrs Blake, together with two British Military Officers from Gort, They were on their way to the residence of a local Landlord, Mr Bagott, Ballyturin House, Gort, for a game of tennis.

As they were returning to Gort that evening, they ran into an ambush at the entrance to Mr. Bagott’s residence, and four of the occupants of the car were killed. Margaret, the fifth, was the only one that escaped with her life. [9] [10] 

Marriage to Vincent Hugh Gough

Lough Cutra, Gort, Co. Galway, home of Lily Margaret Grahm Gough
Lough Cutra, Gort Co. Galway

Margaret eventually married for a second time on 8th Sept 1928 to a neighbour of hers at Coole Park, Gort, Guy Vincent Hugh Gough, who lived in Lough Cutra castle. [4]

Gough was the son of of Colonel Hon. George Hugh Gough and Hilda Eve Moffatt.

In the 1920s the Gough family moved out of the castle as it became too expensive to run, and moved into converted stables on the castle grounds.

When Margaret married Guy Vincent Hugh Gough in 1928, we believe that they moved into Lough Cutra.

Purchase of Earlsciffe

In March 1949, whilst still living at Lough Cutra, Margaret bought Earlscliffe at auction from William and Norah Martin Murphy for £10,100. [11]

The story was that she never occupied Earlscliffe [12] and instead put it straight up for sale later in September 1949. It didn't sell until May 1950 when it was bought by Brigadier Arthur Christopher Lancelot ("Kit") Stanley-Clarke for his wife Olive.[12] 

Margaret died in Exeter, Devonshire, England on November 27, 1979, aged 95. [4]

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